Purpose + intention + integrity =
abundant creation


Sean Clayton was on the fast track to “3D success” many times in his life, with intense interruptions such as time in federal prison, thyroid ghostwriting disease, a fractured lower vertebrae, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, attempted marriages and divorces, racism, … business legal trouble and so much more… ghostwriting agentur

Sean’s life, marked by challenges that could have broken many, became a story of transformation through spirituality. He found diverse paths to awakening, from signs on the side of the road to healing practices, turning adversity into strength. Embracing his past traumas, Sean transformed them into foundations for thriving businesses, a loving relationship, an impactful platform, and healed family dynamics. His guiding principle is that we create our life experiences to deepen self-love.

Seeing Sean today, with his calm and composed presence, it’s difficult to imagine the intense trauma he has transmuted into love.

How did he do it, and how can you set yourself free?


Science of Abundance is a culmination of the healing formulas Sean used to heal and create an abundant life based on the 7 Laws of the Universe.

Abundance encompasses far more than just financial wealth; it’s deeply rooted in your daily mindset and how you fulfill your purpose and impact the world. It’s about your vital life force, the liberty to reshape your thoughts, and the overall feeling you experience as you navigate life. Equally important is how the world perceives and reacts to your presence as you journey through it.


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Dive into Mastery with Sean: Uncover the Potent Secrets of the Seven Laws of You, Illuminati Mysteries, and more.


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Book (Coming 2024)

Craving a roadmap for healing and abundance rooted in real-life experience? Your wait is almost over!


The theme of the "Science of Abundance Daily Alchemy" podcast, hosted by Sean Clayton, revolves around personal development and self-discovery.

The podcast explores ways to ‘alchemize’ or transform one’s life, showcasing a range of tactics, methods, and life ‘hacks’ the host has personally curated from his experiences. The Seven Universal Laws are at the heart of these discussions. The podcast encourages listeners to approach life’s highs and lows with a conscious awareness of their thoughts and emotions, fostering a positive change in their lives.


Dive into the seen and unseen secrets of Universal abundance, business, mastery of emotions, healing… and so much more!

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