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On the Edge of

Expand in a big and empowered way with Sean’s support.

Embark on a journey of substantial expansion with Sean’s personalized coaching. Sean’s approach is inclusive, catering to a diverse range of individuals, whether you’re an executive, athlete, musician, professional, or simply someone seeking to redefine their life’s trajectory. Sean’s coaching is particularly resonant for those:

  • Contemplating major life changes, especially when their current path feels misaligned with their authentic desires and aspirations.
  • Struggling with feelings of being trapped within their own achievements or life circumstances, including dealing with depression and seeking liberation from these constraints.
  • Healing from past traumas, developing a deeper connection to their highest self and navigating existential questions.
  • On the brink of embracing their true purpose but in need of direction, alignment, and supportive guidance.

what clients are saying

"Working with Sean has been an utterly transcendental and groundbreaking journey. He is akin to a real-life Morpheus, masterfully weaving through the fabric of space and time with a profound sense of love and selflessness."

-Aaron Pimpis • Founder and CEO, Launch Control

what clients are saying

"Sean taught me the invaluable skill of understanding how others think and perceive the world—unlocking numerous opportunities in my career, allowing me to navigate complex situations with greater ease and insight."

-Josh Thompson • Founder, Gotham Labs


Discover the Science of Abundance Workshop

This 8-week journey invites you into a world of self-discovery and growth. Each week, you’ll spend an hour with Sean, diving deep into your fears, loves, traumas, and past experiences. It’s a journey to understand and love every aspect of your life, enabling you to love yourself more deeply.

The Cause Container

This unique method helps you identify the root of your challenges and navigate through them using “Seven Universal Laws” tailored to your life. This approach is designed to help you break through barriers and unlock your full potential.

Life-Changing Transformation

Over these eight weeks, you will experience a significant transformation in your life. You’ll gain a clearer sense of purpose and acquire tools to live that purpose more fully.

Purpose-Driven Resources

Sean provides tools to help you discover and solidify your purpose. While individual exploration is encouraged, Sean’s guidance offers a clearer path, helping you navigate the journey more effectively.

Accessible to Everyone

Sean offers various programs and scholarships to make this coaching accessible to all. For those seeking an alternative approach, an online course is available to start your journey towards self-discovery and fulfillment.

8-week 1:1 coaching

1-time 90-minute intensive

Is this for you?


Ready to get started?

This introductory call is your first step towards determining if the 8-week 1:1 coaching program is right for you. During this Fifteen-Minute Journey with Sean, you’ll explore your purpose and goals, setting the stage for a transformative life experience. Should you choose to enroll in the full program, we will credit $111 towards its cost. Please note this call is a unique opportunity and can only be scheduled once.

Unsure? Contact Us to help determine if this coaching is right for you. Explore your goals and questions, gaining insights into how the coaching aligns with your personal journey and individual needs.


Dive into the seen and unseen secrets of Universal abundance, business, mastery of emotions, healing… and so much more!

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