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How can you
set yourself free?

That’s the question Science of Abundance begs to answer for you!

Sean Clayton was on the fast track to “3D success” many times in his life, with intense interruptions such as time in federal prison, thyroid disease, a fractured lower vertebrae, suicidal thoughts, sexual abuse, attempted marriages and divorces, racism, … business legal trouble and so much more

Sean’s journey is a testament to turning life’s challenges into triumphs. He embraced spirituality, finding varied ways to awaken, from serendipitous signs to healing techniques. This path helped him not only find strength in his past hardships but also to grow to love his traumas. He used these experiences as a foundation for building thriving businesses, nurturing a loving relationship, establishing an impactful platform, and repairing family ties. 

At the heart of his life’s philosophy is a simple yet profound belief: we shape our life experiences to deepen our self-love, transforming obstacles into opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

“We create everything in our lives to love ourselves more.”

– Sean Clayton

Sean Clayton is a life and business strategist, a visionary spiritual coach, and an abundance alchemist with a remarkable blend of business acumen and holistic wisdom. His extensive track record in the corporate world, encompassing executive leadership roles at the world’s largest advertising agency, WPP, SITO Mobile, and more, equips him with a wealth of grounded, real-world experience for his coaching and speaking engagements. In tandem with his professional background, Sean’s personal journey, fueled by an insatiable thirst for a purpose-filled life and the pursuit of ancient wisdom, has led him through challenges ranging from childhood sexual abuse to suicide attempts and federal incarceration. This profound journey adds depth and authenticity to his guidance and insights.

Considered a radical optimist, Sean serves as a Venture Growth Consultant, Investor, Web3 Strategist, and Board Member, advising Fortune 500 executives, serial entrepreneurs, Hollywood actors and producers, athletes, musicians, social impact leaders, and political candidates. He empowers them to empower themselves – unearthing their innate worth as exceptional leaders and influencers, seamlessly bridging purpose with outcomes, and intertwining love with business.

Sean is also the visionary force behind Myosin and Myosin XYZ, consultancies specializing in amplifying rapid growth strategies for corporations, underrepresented founders, and impact-driven startups. In addition to these roles, he serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at Launch Control, a company poised to be the next Unicorn of the technology industry. In this capacity, Sean did more than redefine the company’s culture; he ignited a transformation that prioritized the holistic well-being of every employee.

What sets Sean apart is his integration of the principles of the Science of Abundance into his ventures. Whether infusing breathwork sessions into leadership meetings, providing 1:1 coaching to help leaders understand their energetic blockers and purpose, or crafting heart-centered campaigns, his data-driven approach consistently delivers record-breaking results. His impressive portfolio showcases achievements with Fortune 500 brands and entertainment industry giants, such as Lionsgate, Sony, and Fox.

Sean’s unique approach to business and coaching has garnered widespread industry recognition, propelling him into advisory roles and coveted board seats. His expertise has also made him a sought-after speaker, sharing his wisdom at prestigious events and earning him a place among contributors in renowned media outlets.

Sean is not merely a coach or strategist; he is a respected influencer who seamlessly integrates business expertise with holistic wisdom, creating enduring transformation for individuals and organizations alike.

Sean is currently co-authoring a compelling book with his fiancée that delves into intertwining their individual life journeys. This book candidly explores the highs and lows of their shared path, offering readers an intimate glimpse into their personal experiences. Much like Sean’s previous work, this book will draw from his own life, providing tangible, real-world examples that serve as a practical roadmap for healing and abundance grounded in authentic, lived experiences.


Dive into the seen and unseen secrets of Universal abundance, business, mastery of emotions, healing… and so much more!

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